KB Inspections & Sons Ltd FAQ

What is snagging?

Snagging is a term used when undertaking an inspection of a property, both internal and external. The defects or 'snags' found within the property can vary from minor defects like untidy finish to decoration, damage to paintwork and walls or small unfinished jobs throughout the property or garden / landscapes. Or In some cases, there may be more major snags like cracks in work surfaces or poorly fitted kitchens, appliances and flooring, sealant missing in wet rooms causing damp issues, missing insulation to cavity walls and loft, loose slabs to footpath / patio areas etc...

What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is a list put together of all the ‘snags’ found. When moving into your new home we at KB Inspections can compile a document called a ‘snagging list’, which can then be used to negotiate with the developer to get them to complete the work. Our inspectors at KB have an exceptional eye for detail and are very knowledgeable within the industry to help give you peace of mind and a stress-free service to help get you the quality home you deserve.

When should I have my snagging Inspection?

Our inspections are post completion only and we advise to have your inspection within the first 7 days after you’ve officially received the keys to your new home. Most new builders require your list within the first 7 days too, as any snags found with glass, windows / doors, damage to kitchen units etc... usually need reporting within the first 7 days of completion, but this varies with each developer so please check the T&C’s with your developer in regards to their aftercare policy.

What is included in the snagging inspection?

Our inspection from KB Inspections will include a full through internal and external check of your new home, this includes a visual roof and loft inspection including any associated outbuildings i.e. garage. We also offer additional thermal imagining checks and also drone works & images. A full list of our services can be found on our website.

How long does it take for a snagging inspection to complete?

A Minimum time 4 hours, depending on size of property and the services you require. The bigger the property the longer it usually takes, the more issues found (regardless of size) the longer the inspection takes, if you want thermal and/or drone works it will also take longer. However, We at KB Inspections don’t like to set a time on our inspections, we have had inspectors up to 7-8 hours doing one inspection, to ensure your home is fully inspected to give you get the best service possible and the list we compile gives you the top-quality home you deserve.

When will I receive my snagging report?

You will receive your full detailed photographic snagging report within 48 hours of your inspection being completed, and when any outstanding monies have been cleared. Reports will be PDF format and emailed to your chosen email address. Paper copies of your report are an additional £25 per copy.

Do you liaise with the developer once the inspection is complete?

Unfortunately we do not liaise with the developer. Once you receive our detailed comprehensive report you should present it to your developer without delay so that works can be started to rectify the snags / issues we find in your new home. Especially any defects that could cause bigger issues if left unresolved and/or present any health and safety risk in and around your new home.